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fredag 23 augusti 2013

Steady wins the race


Finally after pushing this ahead of me for a long time I can finally launch fantasy/medieval part of this blog project. The plan is to do: Game of thrones in 28mm inspired by the wars of the roses, 10mm Warmaster featuring landsknecht agains lizardmen and maybe in the future 28mm landsknechts.

Just today we played a 45 against 45 men medieval bash on my nearly done table. The rules we use are slightly modified Lord of the rings SBG rules. The scenario was the Lannister/Tyrell alliance (me) attacking a riverlands village defended by a main force of Starks backed up Tully militia and Baratheon mercenary pike.

State of the wargaming table:

  • Trees- Basicly done need to finish some bases
  • Hedges - Basicly done, just need to paint base edges
  • Holdfast - Done
  • River- needs to be repainted and get added details
  • Brigde - will soon be done
  • Fields - Done
  • Roads - need minor work
  • Cottages two of four done
  • Windmill done
  • Need to find blacksmith any suggestions would be helpful
  • Villagers done
  • Wagons one out of two done

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