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lördag 24 augusti 2013

Skirmish in the Riverlands


Here comes the pictures and a small battlereport from our first real game. We used lord of the rings spg with some modifications and the game flowed very well really giving the feel of a medieval skirmish.

All is quite in the holdfast of a minor tully noble.
The Rebel forces under house Stark had as their mission to occupy a village in the riverlands and stop Lannister forces from taking the holdfast.  The armies were almost the same except for house stark having Baratheon pike and the Lannisters having more heavy cavalry.

Baratheonpike and Aryn crossbowmen take hold of the holdfast courtyard

Inside the manor Tully billmen are looking for loot under the command of stark noble

Stark and Aryn billmen heading towards the forest to hold up the Lannisters, two stark heavy cavalrymen follow

Stark and Tulle longbowmen prepares an arrowstorm to great the Lannisters

The Lannister froces arrayed, the majority of the infantry is to force the ford and then head straight to the holdfast by the forest

Nobles fron house Serret, Tyrell and Lannister backed up by squires and hedge knights prepare to move forward

The tranquility is broken by the trumpet signalling everyone to move forward.

the stark forces break through the forces capturing the Lannisters by suprise

In the confusion and chaos many billmen and even a mounted hedge knight drown in the small stream 

After heavy fighting drawn out by the heroic last stand of a Stark noble which resulting in large casualties, the survivors move into the forest to shield themselves from the relentless arrow storm  
The surviving hedge nights move to the windmill in a bold flanking move while the stark archers succumb to combined fire from Lannister longbow and Dayne crossbows  

The surviving Tully noble tries to climb the holdfast wall but fails and is chased down by vengeful Lannister billmen, cutting him to pices while his men watch from the wall.

The final assault begins, the hedge knights finish their flanking move mopping up any stark stragglers outside of the walls. Seeing the Lannisters climbing over into the holdfast the Baratheon pike losses heart and retreats.
Very fun game. it stated with the Stark side having the initiative and inflicting serious injuries on my Lannisters. But Peter had miss judge the amount of troops so my superior numbers at the stream wore him down and thats what won the game for me.

We had some heroic moments with a billman clearing the wall himself or when a stark noble was surrounded by a knight, his squire, two foot nobles and 6 billmen but refused to yield.

I look forward to next tiem when both side will have been reinforced and more of the village will be done.


Anders the elder

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  1. Great report, your figures are really nice, and the battlefield impressive!

    1. Thank you I have actually started finding time again to finish more terrain so I will put up new pictures soonish.


      Anders the elder


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