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söndag 20 oktober 2013

A "small" detour


Seeing as Games workshop have now decided to kill of Warmaster me and my friend Peter decided to get two Armies done before eBay costs skyrocket away. Both of us have always been fascinated with the imagery of Warmaster and the grandness of large 10mm fantasy armies.

Peters Slaan protecting the temple city

Heavy hitting Kroxigor/Saurs brigade

The earth will shake

The first Terico is moving forward to counter the threat

We set Lustria as our theme, and Peter was lucky to get three big lots of Lizardmen right at the beginning. I went with Pendrake miniatures and doing dogs of war with the Spanish conquistadors and Tericos as inspiration.
Sarus Warriors with Skink Priest
Fearsome monsters from the new world 
Sarus heroes of Carnosaurs
More pictures of miniatures and terrain will come up soon so until then take care.


- Anders the elder

2 kommentarer:

  1. Amazing work, great looking stands!!

  2. Thank you Phil happy you like it, your blog has been a great inspiration!


    Anders the elder


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